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Nov 15, 2013

Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Work Spouse

Do you guys have work spouses? It's that person at work, usually of the opposite sex but not always, that you bond with the way you do with a romantic partner, without the romance. Its a close relationship within the bounds of a professional setting, and sometimes that can be the one thing that makes work bearable. I don't have a work spouse at my current job, but I sure wish I did! If you are lucky enough to have one, you better treat them right when it comes to giving gifts.

The top complaint at most workplaces I've experienced is temperature. At work you have no control over how hot or cold the atmosphere is, leading to general annoyance, and yes, lack of productivity. Here are some suggestions for gifts that will keep your work spouse happy and comfortable.

1. Mini USB Beverage Fridge from Ebay; 2. Sriracha Water Bottle from ThinkGeek; 3. Whiskey Stones from Uncommon Goods;  4. Mason Jar Tumbler from Target;  5. Bolt Power Strip from Kikkerland; 6. Mug from Crate & Barrel; 7. Tissue Weight Wool and Cashmere Wrap from Nordstrom; 8. Green Herbal Tea Kit from Uncommon Goods; 9. Snow Globe from West Elm; 10.Vintage Electric Desk Fan from Etsy; 11. Mini Fondue Set from Modcoth

Take care of your work spouses (and your real spouses for that matter). They "get" you, and you can't put a price on that. See even more ideas on our Pinterest board!

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