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Nov 14, 2013

I Need New Glasses

Unlike Leah,  who always has such adorable taste in drinking vessels, I am the worst at keeping up with my glassware. I go through phases where novelty glassware is all I want to buy,  but inevitably it all gets broken because, A., I refuse to hand wash anything on the grounds that it may hurt my dishwasher's feelings and B., I like having friends over for drinks, which we all know is murder on glassware.

In fact, my only complete set of matching glasses is one Leah gave me. It sits on a side table in my dining room, where I can show it off with pride. No man (nor woman) may drink from them. 

Well, I am thinking it may be time to invest in more cute glassware before end up like Gollum; spouting gibberish and fondling "my precious" cups. Thus I have been shopping around for cute, novelty glassware that doesn't break the bank.

Here are a few of my favorites:

These beauties are from CB2

Bread and Badger has sooo many cute things.

For when you are thirsty after a ride! Paper Source

Cereal Art make juice meaningful, or something.

These cuties from Uncommon Goods can be personalized to match your family!

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