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Dec 13, 2013

Master the Holiday Smokey Eye with the Studio Gear Cosmetics Palette

After looking at oodles of cocktail dresses, I know what you are thinking: "Get me a drink!"

 Well don't you worry, we have cocktail recipes on the way, but for now let's focus on your makeup for the evening, which ideally, you would apply before drinking, or at least before drinking hard liquor.

I have already stated my love for a great sparkly golden eyeshadow, but I am also a huge fan of the smokey eye. It's a look that makes you feel sultry and a little edgy, with the added benefit of knowing that no matter how much it smudges throughout the evening, you probably still look like it was intentional. Plus, with a dramatic eye, you can keep your lips simple with a nude tone that won't scare away potential midnight kissing partners.

Luckily, our friends at Studio Gear have just the palette for you. The Studio Gear Cosmetics Holiday Smoky Eye Palette is extremely user friendly with a detailed diagram right on the inner lid of the palette for easy access while using the powder shadows. Apply discreetly for a subtle look, or pile it on for drama!

To purchase the Holiday Palette, click here. Don't forget to enter the code: SGHOLIDAY to recieve a 10% discount at checkout!

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