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Dec 22, 2013

Sparkle Motion

 As a seven year old I performed in my first dance recital. I was a terrible tap dancer and I kicked in the wrong direction multiple times, but did I care? Not one bit. Because under those lights all I could think about was how much I was shining like the sparkly beacon I was always meant to be. And what was this gift that made me shine so? Well, my friends, anyone watching could easily tell you that it wasn't my talent.

It was sequins, and lots of them. I learned that day that what I lacked in natural grace, I could make up for with copious amounts of sparkle. It was a lesson I never forgot, and to this day I still use my powers of distraction to mask my less than stellar dancing abilities. So in this, the season of holiday cheer, I highly recommend that you take a lesson from my book and pile on the bling. Always here to help, I have provided several sequin encrusted options for your perusal. I recommend a healthy dose of red lipstick and a flute of bubbly to finish off your look.

It's your life, why not have fun with it?

1. Jacket by Diane Von Furstenburg, 2. Pants by Marc Jacobs, 3. Dress by Jenny Pakham, 4. Skirt by Marc Jacobs, 5. Sequined top by Kenzo, 6. Pumps by Carven, 7. Clutch by Laurence Heller, 8. Vintage blazer by Moschino, 9. Mini skirt by Haute Hippie, 10. Dress by Zahair Murad, 11. Clutch by Lanvin, 12. Booties by Marc by Marc Jacobs, 13. Sweats by Haute Hippie

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