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Feb 19, 2014

Adventures in Knitting With a Loom

So one year later, I finally finished the scarf I started last January. It is actually for my handsome husband James, but I thought I would pop it on for the picture. The hat I made for myself, well it only fits me so now it's mine.

The point is, I did them with a circular loom. Procrastination aside, a circular loom makes knitting super quick and easy, even for newcomers to knitting like myself. I purchased mine at Walmart, for around twenty dollars. It actually came with several looms in different sizes, but this, the largest size is the one I used for this scarf. I wanted it to be wider, so I went about half way around with my loops.

I chose a thick, nubby yarn because I wanted a luxe, hand crafted, and yes manly look to my scarf. Crafting the scarf was super easy, it just involves a series of simple loops and a lot of patience. I relied on youtube for help with crafting and finishing my scarf. These are the videos most helpful to me:

Anyway, I found the circular loom to be user friendly and was quite happy with the results. I definitely recommend it to the novice knitter like myself. Below you will find more pictures depicting the texture and gauge of the scarf. I was really happy with the results and will surely be using my circular loom time and again.

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