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Feb 11, 2014

Postcards from New Orleans

I just got back from an amazing long weekend in New Orleans, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the trip. For this first-time visitor, the city did not disappoint. New Orleans is truly a feast for all the senses with delicious food, gorgeous architecture, potent cocktails and of course, the music, which seems to follow you everywhere.

My favorite breakfast was probably at Restaurant Stanley across from Jackson Square. Not only did the decadent bananas foster french toast come with ice cream (!) on top, I also ordered a fantastic boozy white Russian milkshake.

Bananas foster french toast.
White Russian milkshake.
After such a large breakfast, I was ready for a stroll around Jackson Square.

The Saint Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square.
The beautiful Saint Louis Cathedral (the oldest in the United States) overlooks the Square, and there is no charge for admittance. 

The interior of Saint Louis Cathedral.
A shrine in Saint Louis Cathedral.
Jackson Square.
Stroll a few blocks from the Square to visit the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, which is sure to give you a new appreciation for modern medical advances. My favorite part of the Pharmacy Museum tour (aside from the opportunity to see real live leeches!) was the courtyard and fountain, which were featured in American Horror Story: Coven.

The courtyard at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Speaking of AHS, a must-see on any trip to New Orleans is the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, which contains what is thought to be the final resting place of Marie Laveau. It is believed that Laveau will grant visitors a wish if they draw an "X" on the tomb, turn around three times, knock on the tomb, and then yell out their wish. Many visitors also leave Marie an offering to seal the deal.
Marie Laveau's tomb.
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.
Ruins at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.
A more well-preserved grave at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.
Walking through the French Quarter and the cemetery will likely leave you ready for a snack. Lots of food options to be found in New Orleans of course, but I can personally recommend the shrimp po'boy (and giant oysters) at the Red Fish Grill on Bourbon Street.

Po'boy from Red Fish Grill.
In addition to eating and walking through cemeteries, another popular activity in New Orleans is drinking. After having sampled a lot of drinks in a lot of different places, I would have to say my favorite overall experience might have been at the Swizzle Stick Bar in the Loews Hotel. The delicious cocktails are only outdone by the ornate lobby.

The lobby of the Loews Hotel.
My favorite meal in New Orleans (and one of my favorites ever, period) was at Cochon, in the Central Business District. The word 'cochon' is French for domestic pig, and while the pork dishes on offer here are fantastic, the desserts (and cocktails) are not too shabby either. I'm still dreaming about their white chocolate bread pudding with macerated strawberries and lime frozen yogurt.

Bread pudding from Cochon.
After all that eating, it was time for some more walking! And perhaps the most beautiful area of New Orleans for a stroll is the gorgeous Garden District. 

A home in the Garden District.
Another beauty in the Garden District.
Exciting shrubbery in the Garden District.
The former home of Anne Rice in the Garden District.
If your walk through the Garden District should happen to make you hungry, be sure to visit to the historic Commander's Palace. We went for lunch, which requires slightly less formal dress than dinner, and also happens to be the time to get 25 cent martinis. This place is seriously old-school, ladies first all the way. My kind of place! I also loved their food.

The strawberry salad at the Commander's Palace tasted like spring.
Classic shrimp and grits from the Commander's Palace.
While you are in the Garden District (and if you haven't had enough walking or cemeteries), you should also be sure to check out the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, located across the street from Commander's.

A tomb in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.
Though there is more than enough in New Orleans to keep you occupied on a short trip, I highly recommend a short excursion out of town to the swamp. We went to Honey Island, which is actually where several scenes from The Beasts of the Southern Wild were filmed.

The numerous cypress trees in the swamp make the water crystal clear.
The roots of the cypress trees.
The swamp seems peaceful, until the gators get you.
A cute little swamp cabin.
This would not be a very accurate account of my time in New Orleans without a shot of the French Quarter at night. Felix's Oyster House on Iberville is a great place to try my new favorite New Orleans dish: chargrilled oysters.

Try the chargrilled oysters at Felix's!
Hope this post has inspired you as much as my trip to New Orleans inspired me. I'm already planning my next visit!

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