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Feb 3, 2014

That's Just Ranunculus!

So Valentines Day is on the way. And while this post  is definitely inspiration for Valentines bouquets that don't involve roses (that's right, fellas, girls love variety), its mainly an excuse for me to daydream about spring and the lovely blossoms that come with it.

It also means I get to help you bone up on your floral vocabulary. While this may not impress your neighbors, it will make you feel really cool next time you need to order flowers at your local florist. Or hey, bring a date to the Botanical Garden and wow them with your horticultural prowess. It's what the cool kids are doing.








These are great choices for any non-traditional bouquet. There really are so many options when it comes to a great flower arrangement, and most of these will set you back quite a bit less than your typical rose bouquet. So why not kill two birds with one stone; impress your local florist with your knowledge of the local flora, and make a loved one happy with an unexpected pop of color.

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