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May 1, 2014

My Favorite Margaritas

It's an epic cocktail week with the Kentucky Derby happening this Saturday, and America's Favorite Mexican Holiday, Cinco de Mayo just two days later. Since I don't want you to have to choose between celebrating one or the other this weekend, I'm following up my post on mint juleps from Tuesday with a recipe for my favorite margaritas. Much like the juleps, these margaritas are easy to prepare and require only a few ingredients, making them great for whatever kind of party you might be having.

I'm pretty sure I learned this way of making margaritas from my mom, ages ago (thanks mom!). It's been my go-to recipe ever since. Traditionally, margaritas are made with fresh lime juice. If you are just making one margarita you only have to juice a lime or two, but if you want a whole pitcher (and you know you do) you'll have to juice more like ten. Give your arms a rest, and try this instead. You will not be disappointed.

My Favorite Margaritas

1 can frozen concentrate limeade
Silver tequila
Triple sec
Salt (optional)
Lime wedge (optional)


Prepare the lime juice according to the directions on the can, but using only three cans of water. For the fourth can, substitute tequila. Add half a can of triple sec and stir until combined. Serve over ice with a salt rimmed glass and a lime wedge, if desired.

One bottle of tequila will make two pitchers of margaritas. I usually plan ahead and buy two cans of limeade just in case one pitcher isn't enough.

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