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Sep 9, 2014

10 Reasons To Get Excited About IKEA in St. Louis

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the new IKEA in Kansas City. We still have another year to go before the St. Louis store opens, but that doesn't mean we have to wait until then to start getting excited. I'm already building my shopping list. If you've never been to an IKEA (which is understandable considering the closest one to STL is in Chicago) read on to see what all the fuss is about!

Source: IKEA
1. Chairs

Looking to spice up your dining room by incorporating a mix of different chair styles? IKEA has some neat options, such as the Stockholm and Tobias.

2. Glasses

On previous trips to IKEAs in other places, I've always made sure to pick up some of their fantastic (and cheap) glasses. Of the current offerings I really like the Murkla and Frasera styles.

3. Kids Stuff

I don't have any kids currently, but you can bet if and when I do, their rooms will be furnished by IKEA. The Trofast storage system would be great for neatly hiding toys away, and could also serve as a room divider. The Gonatt crib converts into a bed as your child grows. The toys at IKEA, such as the Mala easel, are really cute and affordable as well.

4. Shelves

Many people were heartbroken when IKEA announced earlier this year they would be discontinuing their Expedit shelf. But there are still many attractive and affordable shelving options to be had at IKEA, including the Billy and the Liatorp as well as cabinets like the Fabrikor.  

5. Stuff to organize your clothes

IKEA has all manner of closet organization supplies, but I'm especially partial to pieces that do double duty, such as the above shelf/coat rack and mirror with a rail for hanging clothes on the back.  

6.  Tables

IKEA has tables for all the rooms of your house! The Selje nightstand is great for adding a pop of color to your bedroom. The Lovbacken side table is a sleek, modern choice for a living room. The Ingatorp drop-leaf table would be perfect for a small eat-in kitchen.

7. Fabric

Fabric is another of my favorite things to pick up at IKEA. I used some IKEA fabric earlier this year when I made my tote bag. The Algort, Britten, and IKEA PS 2014 options pictured above are all super cute.

8. Food

Likely you've heard that IKEA doesn't just sell furniture, they also sell food. They are probably best known for the Swedish meatballs they serve in their in-store restaurants. Even if you aren't hungry while shopping at IKEA, you can pick up Swedish treats to enjoy later, such as Elderflower syrup, which would be fantastic in a cocktail, or Lingonberry preserves which go great with the aforementioned Swedish meatballs.

9. Rugs

We've had the Dragor rug in our dining room for 5 years now, and it's still going strong. If you prefer a patterned rug, IKEA has lots of those as well, such as the Virring  and the IKEA PS 2014 rug pictured above.

10. Other furniture

In addition to chairs, tables, and shelves, IKEA has lots of other affordable/functional furniture, such as the Hemnes dressing table and the IKEA PS 2014 desk.

Source: IKEA
What I'm most looking forward to purchasing at Ikea is a brand new kitchen! IKEA has nearly everything you need: cabinets, countertops, lighting, and appliances. 

If you don't think you can wait a whole year to start shopping at IKEA, check out Expedite STL. We've ordered several IKEA items through them and have been very pleased. 

Did I miss anything? What's on your IKEA wish list?

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