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Oct 30, 2014

Design Inspiration: Black and White

I already highlighted some black and white Halloween decor options in a post earlier this month, but the classic combination works in any season and with any style of decor. No matter what the occasion or situation you can rarely go wrong with a good black and white graphic print. If you are looking to up the drama in a room, make it entirely black and white. For a more modern and playful feel, try mixing black and white pieces with brightly colored ones. 

Here are a few of my favorite black and white accent pieces.

1. Mix and match cutlery from Urban Outfitters
2. Console table from Furbish
3. Bone inlay side table from Anthropologie
4. Candlesticks from Kelly Wearstler
5. Cats glass from Fishs Eddy
6. Rug from Anthropologie
7. Pop vase from Kelly Wearstler
8. Chair from Kelly Wearstler
9. Lamp from Crate&Barrel
10. Rug from World Market
11.Bowls from West Elm
12. Cake stand from Dwell Store
13. Plate from West Elm

Are you loving this classic combination as much as I am right now?

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