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Dec 2, 2014

DIY Tinsel Ornaments

I did a post this time last year about revamping my Christmas tree style, transitioning to a playful neutral aesthetic. Well this year I was ready to put my new tree concept into action. I managed to purchase a lot of the ornaments I had my eye on last year after Christmas, when they went on sale, but I still felt like the tree needed a few more. So, instead of buying new ornaments at full price, I decided to make some! These are the easiest Christmas ornaments to make, ever. I had all 12 finished and on the tree in under 10 minutes, and I love the way they turned out.

Tinsel Ornaments

Clear glass ball ornaments
Tinsel garland (I found mine at Target for $6)

Trim off about an inch of garland and then stuff it into the ornament. The edges of the glass ornaments can be sharp, so the chopstick is useful for stuffing as well as positioning the garland inside the ornament.

Since my tree is silver tinsel I went with a gold colored garland.

I really love the way the ornaments look in the daylight and when the tree is lit.

Here's my new playful neutral tinsel tree in the daylight. Previously my color scheme was pretty bright: pink, blue, green, red, and purple. For my new neutral tree, I kept the green ornaments and added in gold, brown, taupe, silver, and white. I also switched out my multicolored lights for white ones.

I love the way it sparkles at night. What do you guys think?

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