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Jul 7, 2015

Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt

I've started daydreaming about desserts I want to make but don't have time to: elaborate layer cakes, pies, really anything that involves more than three steps. But I keep reminding myself that summer isn't the time for slaving over a hot oven anyway, it's the time for ice creams and popsicles and froyo! Luckily, I have quite a few backlogged recipes for frozen treats that I've been meaning to try, like this Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt. It manages to be tart, sweet, and just a touch salty all at once, the perfect summer refresher. You can choose to go with low fat yogurt in this recipe if you want, but you won't get that Mango Lassi richness.

Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt (adapted from Serious Eats)


3 ripe medium-sized mangoes, peeled and chopped
2 cups full-fat plain yogurt (I used Greek yogurt)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon grated lime zest from 2 limes
Juice of 2-3 limes, to taste
Kosher salt, to taste


Purée mangoes in blender or food processor on high until smooth. Strain purée into a medium bowl, whisk in yogurt, sugar, and lime zest until well combined. Add lime juice in 1/2 teaspoon increments and kosher salt in 1/4 teaspoon increments, until you reach desired level of tartness/saltiness.

Chill mixture until cold (1 hour in the fridge or 20 minutes in the freezer). Churn in ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions. Transfer to an airtight container and chill in freezer for at least 3 hours before serving.

This recipe makes almost two quarts of frozen yogurt.

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