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Mar 21, 2011

fashion inspiration: Breaking Away

Lord it rained all day yesterday. Inconvenient for my good friends James and Matt who had just bought super cool bikes! (Also highly inconvenient for my viewing of the "supermoon")So in honor of the return of sunshine, today's fashion inspiration comes from a great cycling movie, Breaking Away.

The iconic film stars a super hot Dennis Quaid, Jackie Earle Haley (who may have his own post soon) and Daniel Stern, whom has apparently looked 40 forever.

The 1979 film features Dennis Christopher as Dave Stoller, an Italy obsessed cylclist growing up as a townie in an industrial Indiana town. His look consisted of cool t-shirts, old school biking caps and tight, tight pants.
Lets begin:

This vintage tee from Adidas is cheery and perfect for plowing through puddles on a fresh sunny morning.

These leather leggings from Top Shop keep it tough, protect your gams and are most definitely tight.

Tuck those bad boys into a pair of white hightop Chuck Taylors, pop on a cap, and you are well on your way.

This cap is from Walzcaps, who make all kinds of them, um, if your looking.

Finally, this backpack from Derek Alexander will hold your crap and pull your look together. So mount up, roughriders, mount up.

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