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Mar 28, 2011

fashion inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor part two

Annnnd its part dos. Today we'll take a gander at several iconic looks from Taylor's later life. You know, the white diamonds years.
The fragrance dreams are made of? I thought that was victory. Oh well let us begin.

Prime example of Liz's decadent style in the second half of her life.

This dress by Ali Ro is a little more subtle, but the color story is still there. A great starting point...
sweater by qi
Now we're looking busy.

Some pretty red heels will pull everything together and remind your man (or woman) friend know that you are indeed a sexy lady, not a magic eye poster.

White Queen:
Trench dress by Nina Ricci

This dress is amazing, albeit a bit over the top for those of us who aren't, well, Elizabeth Taylor. A pretty sequined bolero jazzes up a soft blue dress, and it's super cute with a white tank and jeans!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

ABS by Alan Schwartz

Dress by Robert Rodriguez. I have no idea what's up with the barbie arm. but the dress is cool. It needs some more blang tho...

Oh hell yeah, shoes by Diane von Furstenberg
Why the hell not? Jacket by Balmain
Oh MJ. Ok kids that's all I've got today.
Happy Monday, y'all.

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