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Mar 25, 2011

fashion inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor part one

Good Gawd this woman was gorgeous. I mean, unreal beautiful. And as she grew older and her looks began to fade, Taylor made up for it with amazing fashion statements that insured she was always the center of attention:

Love is what I am in with this woman. Anyway, in honor of her amazing life I would like to draw inspiration from a few of her iconic fashion moments. In part one of this two part installment, we'll cover young Liz. Part 2 will cover her more outrageous outfits from her later life! Yay!


Country girl chic:
D&G cross back gingham dress


Hello underwear as outerwear!
Proenza Schouler slip dress



Fendi-I believe there's a matching hat!

ummmmm CLEOPATRA!!!(my jewelry hero!!!)

This may seem like overkill, but if you know me you know my love of chunky ethnic jewelry, so this woman is basically my hero. Plus she was a total stud! Pun very much intended!

Bling Bling-hello? Sequined dress by Brian Lichtenberg

All Saints

Nicole Miller

I love a great yellow dress, and this one from Victoria's Secret is the perfect foundation for all the insane jewelry I'm about to load on mah body.

necklace by John Hardy (not to be confused with Ed)

necklace by Fiona Paxton

necklace by Dannijo

bracelet by Tom Bins

bracelet by Alexis Bittar

bracelet by House of Harlow

vintage Christian Dior. yum.

Thus ends part one of our two part post. Look for part two Monday!

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