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Nov 20, 2013

BombPop DIY: Striped Votive Holders

In addition to my peacock printed napkins, I did another DIY over the weekend in preparation for Friendsgiving. This one, not coincidentally, also involved gold and print. I decided to try a DIY from 52 Projects, but instead of vases, I created striped votive holders.

The materials I used were gold spray paint, square glass votive holders, and black cotton cord meant for jewelry-making. 52 Projects recommended using twine, but the cord was cheaper. If I do this again, I might try it with twine instead, because the cord slipped around quite a bit on the glass, making it difficult to keep a design in place. Just another example of a time being a cheapskate didn't pay off, I suppose.

Start by cutting a long segment of cord and wrapping it around each votive from the middle of the segment, creating crisscrosses wherever possible for a more interesting pattern. When the ends of your cord segment meet, tie them together tightly. I found that the tighter the cord was, the stronger the pattern turned out.

Spray your wrapped votive holders with paint. Try to use the lightest coating you can get away with to prevent drips. Once the holders were covered I let them dry for two hours before handling. I think I should have removed the cord earlier though, because when they were fully dry some of paint came off with the cord.

The final results were not perfect, but I still like them well enough to use them for my Friendsgiving table. They give off a very flattering golden light, which I'm sure all my guests will appreciate.

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