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Nov 19, 2013

Three Non-Sweatpants Ideas for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where, in the movies, everyone is dressed casually, yet chic in cozy sweaters and plaid, with tons of fall color. In reality, most people drag their hung over bodies to the table in whatever they slept in.

In life, I want almost everything to be like the movies (barring most horror films, pornos, and gangster flicks). I think as a people we should come together and say "damn, those sweatpants are comfortable, but I want to look good!" Americans need to take a note from Downton Abbey and dress for dinner. For god's sake, we can be just as put together as the Brits without losing any of our credibility as the outspoken fools of the the civilized world.

In that vein, here are three fun, put together looks to wear on Thanksgiving Day. Nay, they may not be as comfortable as your three year old Pink lounge pants from Victoria's Secret. But, in the end when you see pictures, because yes my friends, there will be pictures, you will be proud to say "I stuff my face in cashmere, fools!"

Sweater by Missoni, Necklace by Aurelie Biderman, top by Umasan, shoes by Chloe, jeans by J Brand

dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, boots by Balenciaga, earrings by Marie Laure Chamorel

sweater by The Row, pants by ALC, ring by Knight$ of New York, boots by Gianvito Rosso

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