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Nov 12, 2013

Friendsgiving Table Inspirations

I'm preparing to host Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving with friends for the uninitiated) for the very first time, and I'm super excited about it. One of the major responsibilities of the person hosting Friendsgiving, outside of making the turkey, is decorating for the event. So, I've been combing the internet and Pinterest looking for some tablescape inspirations. Here are a few that I'm into:

Source: isuwanne
I really love the nontraditional Thanksgiving color scheme incorporated by this one as well as the use of what appear to be thank you cards as part of the decor. They could be used as place cards or for sharing individualized words thanks to each of your guests. Either way, I am totally stealing the idea! Plus, I'm obsessed with milk glass, which is what the candle holder and the covered serving dish in the picture above are made of. The light fixtures in my kitchen and dining room, which are original to our house, are made of milk glass. I also have some milk glass vases I scavenged from a friend's wedding a few years back. I'm definitely looking for any ways I can incorporate things I already own to keep costs down.

Source: The Kitchn
I'm also really loving this one from The Kitchn. Again, note the nontraditional color scheme. The eye-catching centerpiece consists of fruits, vegetables, and gourds, which again is a great way to reduce costs while also keeping with the spirit of the occasion. I happen to have picked up some decorative gourds a few weekends back and have been debating about whether I should use them in a centerpiece like this one or scattered around the table. This centerpiece definitely has a big impact, but it also takes up some valuable table real estate.

Source: Making Lemonade
I'm always drawn to using metallics for table settings. Nothing says festive quite like silver and gold. When shopping for my table I'm hoping to find some gold items to add some razzle dazzle, perhaps some votives or a gold embellished table runner or tablecloth like the one pictured above. Or I just might paint some of the previously mentioned gourds.

Source: Uma Stewart
Patterns are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Thanksgiving, but there is no denying that they add a richness to the proceedings that complements abundance of food. Also: flowers. Flowers are a must for a great tablescape in my opinion.

I hope these pictures have provided you with as much inspiration for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving table as they have for me. You can see more of my Friendsgiving ideas on Pinterest. And if you are thinking about starting a Friendsgiving tradition of your own, check out this post on "The 17 Rules of Friendsgiving" from Buzzfeed.

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