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Apr 24, 2014

String Lights With Personality

The most popular thing I've pinned to Pinterest lately was a story from Apartment Therapy: 10 Pretty Ways to Decorate With String Lights. Most of the lights used in the examples were pretty basic, which it got me thinking, if you can make a room look so charming and effortless with basic string lights, what could you do with something a bit more interesting? Here are some pretty string lights that are far from ordinary to inspire you.
Heart Shaped String Lights from House of Fraser

Disc String Lights from Etsy
Take-Out Box String Lights from Crate & Barrel
Colorful Cocoon String Lights from Etsy
Yellow Rose String Lights from Etsy
Firefly String Lights from Urban Outfitters
White Cotton Ball String Lights from Etsy
Elephant String Lights from Etsy
Edison String Lights from Lights For All Occasions
Multicolor Cotton Ball String Lights from Etsy
And there are lots of fun string light DIYs out there as well. Here are two of my favorites:

DIY Cup Garden Lights from Zomoc
Cupcake Liner Flower Lights from Oh Happy Day
See even more ideas on our Pinterest page.

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