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Jul 22, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY: Painted Flower Pots

I had to make a trip to Walmart over the weekend, a place I only go whenever I need such a variety of things that no other store will likely have them all. Because I don't shop at Walmart very often, I like to make it count by visiting every department when I do go. On this occasion, a stop at the garden center revealed a real steal: clay terra cotta pots for a dollar. The rims of the pots were a little scratched up, but I'd been looking for a way to use some Pantone Radiant Orchid paint my husband bought for me a while back. I thought a radiant orchid rim would really pop against the terra cotta. I also had some letter stencils left over from Samantha's baby shower that I could use to personalize the pots for a few friends. Just like that an idea for a DIY was born. All together I spent less than five dollars and two hours to complete this project, and I think the pots turned out super cute!

Painted Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Clay terra cotta pots and saucers
Letter stencils (optional)
Paint brush
Newspaper to cover your painting surface
Paper towels and a cup of water to clean your brush

The pots were pretty dirty from being outside, so the first thing I did was wash them. You'll want to wait until your pots are completely dry to begin painting.

I tried using painter's tape around the rim of the pot to protect against any drips, but I found it impossible to get the tape to line up evenly. Luckily, it wasn't too difficult to paint freehand. Plus, I told myself that any little mistakes would just give the pots more of a handmade flavor.

I painted the inside rims first, then the outside, and then the edge of each saucer. By the time I finished the third saucer, the first pot was dry enough for a second coat. Once each pot had two coats, I taped a letter stencil to each and painted over the stencil. I let the pots dry overnight before handling, but they really only needed a few hours.

The next day, I used some cuttings from my rubber tree to start new plants in each pot. I followed this tutorial on propagating rubber tree plants; you should try it if you have one that needs a trim. If not, I think some succulents would also look really cute in these pots.

I still have a ton of Radiant Orchid paint left over. What should I paint next?

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