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Oct 9, 2014

A Spooky Soiree

Are you hosting any Halloween parties this year? I'm not, but that's not stopping me from checking out all of the cute Halloween party supplies and decorations at my favorite stores. Here are my top picks for your next spooky soiree.

1. Black and White Halloween Collection Printable Art from Penny Jane Design
2. Halloween Skull Taper Holder from Williams-Sonoma (sale)
3. Haunted Halloween Appetizer Plates from Williams-Sonoma (sale)
4. Halloween Skellie Toile Napkins from Williams-Sonoma (sale)
5. Raven String Lights from Crate&Barrel
6. Skull Playing Cards from ZGallerie
7. Skull Creepy Cup from creaturecups
8. Mixed Cut Double Old-Fashioned Glasses from Williams-Sonoma
9. Tombstone Slate Cheeseboard from Crate&Barrel
10. X-Ray Plates from West Elm (sale)
11. Cupcake Papers from Crate&Barrel
12. Black Branch Wreath from Crate&Barrel

See even more Halloween decor ideas on our Pinterest board

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