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Oct 23, 2014

Halloween Costumes For Pets

Consider this post a public service announcement: pets look funny in costumes. Sure, most pets don't really enjoy wearing clothes, but think of all the things you do for your pet that you don't really enjoy (picking up poop comes to mind). If you can get your pet to keep a costume on for even a few minutes its generally worth more than a few laughs. And pet costumes aren't just for Halloween. A dog dressed as Beetlejuice, or Maddona, or a dinosaur will be just as entertaining any day of the year.

1. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice Costume from Spirit Halloween
2. Let your dog express herself in this Pop Queen Costume from Party City
3. Something about dogs and cats dressed as dinosaurs just kills me. Plus these are on sale! Target 
4. You probably don't want to eat what he's cooking but he is pretty cute. Walmart
5. The Holy Hound Costume from Spirit Halloween is not for every dog, just the infallible ones.
6. Another awesome dino getup from Costume Craze (sale).
7. Rocket dog from Target (sale).
8. Even hedgehogs like to pretend to be something else occasionally. Etsy
9. Harem Dog costume from Costume Craze (sale)
10. Walmart has several costumes inspired by Alice in Wonderland including this Queen of Hearts Costume
11. I think this is supposed to be a Snow White costume? Either way it is adorable. Walmart
12. Dapper Dog Costume from Target (sale)
13. & 14. Harry and Lloyd from Spirit Halloween
15. Rasta Costume from Spirit Halloween

If you do dress your pet up for Halloween, especially in any of the above costumes, please share pics!!!

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