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Aug 20, 2013

Fall, Marant Style

As previously stated I am super excited about Isabel Marant's upcoming line for H&M, to be released this November. The Wall Street Journal printed a wonderful interview with her Monday, and I just can't help but like her even more. She's just so... well, French. In anticipation, I have been looking over her collection for Fall/Winter 2013. Here are a few highlights:
This year's collection was a bit of a departure for Marant, focusing less on embellishment and more on clean crisp tonality. But, for the most part, her silhouette has stayed the same. Her rocker edge is there, it's just more along the likes of Bowie's "Thin White Duke" than Jagger. Inspired, I wanted to look for pieces that embody that same vibe, which I think is lovely for fall and perfect for winter.
Jacket by Alexander Wang, Sweater by The Row, Jeans by Koral, Shoes by Isabel Marant, Necklace by Rose Pierre

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