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Aug 25, 2013

Festival of Nations

Every year St. Louis' Tower Grove Park hosts the annual Festival of Nations. Members of the various ethnic communities living in and around Saint Louis bring the best parts of their culture for everyone to enjoy.
Most people go for the food. The food is great! Anything and everything can be found in one strip of park. I myself tried savory treats from Spain, the Philippines, and Turkey. Delish! But I digress, the food is great, but I love the Festival of Nations for it's visual extravaganza. Textiles and printed fabrics blow in incense scented breezes. Beaded headdress, feathered jewelry and ceremonial garb are every where you look.
I have always been inspired by travel and the idea of a nomadic lifestyle, and this festival is the closest I can get to that without leaving my neighborhood. This time around I was also energized by some great looks from other festival attendees.
I ran into Reggae group Kreative Pandemonium, who look almost as cool in their regular clothes as the do in costume for their performance! There were also cool Scottish blokes in Kilts:
So much to be inspired by, I just loved the visual overload. I will leave you with a couple more highlights from the festival, which is still going on for a couple hours if you hightail it over there.

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