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Jan 27, 2014

BombPop Picks for Best and Worst Dressed at the Grammy's

So here we are again, judging the red carpet for the Grammy's. All I have to say is that most of these people need sartorial help, but hey it's the Grammy's, so perhaps it was a combination of drugs, and well, just not giving a shit that led to these choices. I totally get it, but the fact that I can empathize won't stop me from pointing out the obvious, which is that most of y'all look ridiculous. You hear me Pharell? I'm talking to you.

Well on with the show. We'll start with the very few who got it right this year.

Samantha's Take-

Best Dressed:

Taylor Swift looks amazing in this golden gown by Gucci. The fit is exquisite and the sparkle is just enough.

I loved this orange Alex Perry on Julianna Rancic. The bright pop of color is so refreshing in this never ending January cold.

I am not always a Madonna fan (especially that SNL cameo a few weeks ago, yeesh), but I thought she and son David looked dapper in Ralph Lauren. I loved the broach on David's lapel, it paired nicely with Madge's fingerless glove.

A special nod goes to the always beautiful John Legend and his wife Christine Teigen for being perfectly put together and making the rest of us feel less attractive on a regular basis.

And Now for the worst dressed:

I get what Natasha Bedingfield was going for in this mango Christian Siriano, but it just doesn't fit the pretty singer in the waist, and the lampshade shaped bust of the dress just makes me glad the seventies are over.

Anna Kendrick picked the right color for this Azzaro gown, but the boob window is a tad on the trashy side when paired with a high middle slit and an ill-fitting strapless bodice.

I don't know who Chrissette Michelle is, but this has just plain got to stop.

Also, 30 Seconds to Mars gets a nod for cheesy sunglasses, scary over-groomed brows and Jared Leto's passé ombre dye job.

Leah's Take-

Best Dressed:

How it pains me to admit that I not only like Taylor Swift's Gucci dress, it was my favorite of the night. I love the juxtaposition of vintage Barbie styling and chainmail. You won this round, Ms. Swift.

I was also into Rita Ora's shiny green Lanvin.

It was pretty fun to see Daft Punk on the red carpet, looking robot dapper.

Worst Dressed:

This Michael Costello dress on Skylar Grey (who is?) reminds me a little too much of something Buffalo Bill would design. Get it? It looks like skin.

Nobody really expects Paris to kill it fashion-wise, and she didn't disappoint any more than usual last night in this House of Milani dress. Best thing I can say about it is that it would make a great ice dancing costume if the skirt were shorter. Any ice dancers reading this right now - get to it. Also, apparently Paris is putting out a new album, so brace yourselves.

I really don't hate the music note print, but could there be a more corny/obvious/literal choice than wearing a music note print to the Grammy Awards? I do actually hate the bodice of this Valentino dress, the completely unnecessary wristlets she's wearing with it (which you can't see very well here and which may actually be part of the sleeve?), and her giant weird braided bun.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Do you think Katy's dress has an actual song printed on it and if so, which one? My bet is on "Your Body is a Wonderland."

*All photos courtesy New York Magazine

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