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Jan 24, 2014

Winterize Your Skin

I have the driest skin ever. I mean, it's ridiculous how much I can exfoliate this mug and still have a flaky shnoz at the end of the workday. I have been on a mission this winter to figure out the correct formula of exfoliant+moisturizer=skin that stays in one place, and I think I have finally done it. To save you a load of time and frustration, I'm going to share with you the tricks I have learned and the products that work for me. FYI I have combination skin. That means I have oily areas next to dry regions living nonsensically all over my face.

Just so you know, this works for me, but you may want to personalize your routine. Nordstrom is having a Winter Beauty Event this weekend. Hit them up for some free samples and expert advise.

Here is my face jam:

I wash my face everyday with Cetaphil, which is available at any drugstore.

Every other day I exfoliate with Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate, which you can find at Sephora or Nordstrom.

On the days I don't use ExfoliKate, I alternate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which I have used off and on since I was about 12. Well, if it aint broke...

Then I moisturize with Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough, which is the more emollient sister to Hope in a Jar.

My nose needs special help, so I dab a bit of Clarins Huile Santal on it and any other trouble spot that continues to flake after my rigorous scrubbing.

There you have it. I can't make any promises, but these products keep me from flaking out (ha!) throughout the day. 

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