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Oct 1, 2014

WTF Wednesday

This week I am happy to say that everybody looked great and I had nobody to call out for their sartorial idiocy. Haha, just kidding, all kinds of bad things were happening in Lala Land this week. Let's dive in, shall we?

I really like Elle's sunglasses and bag, and no one can deny that the 16 year old actress is adorable.  I personally would not wear these shoes, but I get the 90's vibe she was going for. Unfortunately her crotch appears to be munching on this drab linen miniskirt. Being a teen gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to fashion, but purposeful crotch darts I cannot abide.

I am literally shocked that Cate made the list this week. She is normally flawless in every aspect when it comes to her fashion choices. I just don't get this too-big grand dame coat dress she has on. It would be more appropriate on a much older actress; Judy Dench for example. 

From the neck up, Julianne Moore is a vision. From the clavicle down she appears to have gone willy-nilly into Helena Bonham Carter's closet and put on most of it.

Katie Holmes looks really awkward in this casual look. Probably because her pants are squeezing the life out of her. 

Wilde apparently ran straight from her pit crew to this event. I hate this trend of workman jumpsuits. They flatter nobody. NOBODY! 

For the first time in like, ever, Britney Spears and Cate Blanchett have something in common. Like Blanchett's matronly cocktail dress, this white suit and negligé are way too old for Ms. Spears. And the length on the pants is off. I just want to squeeze those little piggies!

Although she makes a ravishing viking princess, this outfit doesn't belong anywhere but a renaissance festival.

Normally I don't bother critiquing the outfits of pop stars. It's like picking on small children. But I could not let this candy raver monstrosity go unheralded. There appears to be some kind of rainbow legging happening under these, um, pants that matches the gaudy chair behind her. After some investigation, the jeans appear to be an attempt to add flair to her collection of athletic wear for Adidas. While I wouldn't have thought the rainbow colored neon ensemble needed the extra punch, I admire her desire to dig in and go for it.

Ah yes, another flesh-toned ensemble for the flagship Kardashian. I'm beginning to think she has just been mistaking supportive undergarments for sportswear. Those cropped pants are suspiciously Spanx-like.

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  1. These are very inspirational! But I love Elle Fanning's outfit more.