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Sep 24, 2014

WTF Wednesday

You know the drill, it's Wednesday. Time to take out my frustrations on unwitting celebrities who dress poorly and have no idea I exist. This week there were several women who normally have admirable style on the list. Find out who after the jump!

Diane Kruger has been making some odd choices of late. This dress is all over the map, with it's strange medal and sequined bow you would think this a party dress, but the peplum and length make it very business on the bottom. And why does it match the wrestling mat she's standing on? Why is she standing on a wrestling mat anyway? I want answers!

I just don't understand why she is strapping her breasts down with this weird lumpy piece of taffeta. 

I am a huge Connie Britton fan. I am also a fan of Britton's glorious hair. I am not a fan of this matronly mother-of-the-bride dress or these nude platform heels.

A gavel. She needs a gavel. It's just so dour. She definitely should be working on some sort of parliamentary issue with this serious look. 

Ah, the Duffster went off her rocker. It was only a matter of time, really. This dress is sooo draggy. As in drag queen. But at least she paired a sensible black shoe with it. It really tones down the look.

Ginnifer Goodwin is such a sweet little cherub that I hate to pick on her, but this garment just makes her look dumpy. Something more structured would contrast nicely with her curvy figure and sweet smile.

It's so depressing to see someone try this hard to look casual. It makes me feel empathetically awkward for Menounos. 

Many people think that SJP can do no wrong, but here's proof that she can. Although I really am jealous of that sweet fanny pack, I certainly wouldn't wear it with this feathered party frock. And this classic Chanel tweed jacket is just overkill. We get it, you are wearing Chanel. Or perhaps, Sarah, this time the Chanel is wearing you.

Somehow, this slinky number manages to make Klum's famous décolletage look droopy. The weird noncommittal train also serves to give a melty effect to the prolific model.

I am pretty sure from the look on her face that she realizes this was a big mistake. Besides being the tail end of a trend that was unfortunate when it began about three years ago, it doesn't remotely flatter her petite frame. The high-waisted bottoms look like granny panties on anyone under 5'10''. On the plus side, I am digging those stilettos.

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